Some things you cannot unsee. This vaccination rap is one of them.

Wednesday morning at the Dallas City Council meeting Alexander Stein, known on instagram as Prime Time Stein, performed a freestyle vaccination rap while wearing scrubs during the open microphone session of morning speakers.

Everton Bailey Jr. shared it to Twitter, which is where I first saw it, but he noted that he missed the part where Stein poured hand sanitizer all over himself.

Curious, I then chose to find Stein’s account and watched the rest of his bizarre performance there where it was shared in its entirety.

During his allotted time of three minutes, Alex Stein initially planned to play a recorded version of this rap for the council and audience, but as his phone would not play, he performed the rap freestyle.

He begins by imitating Eminem, and rapping ‘will the real Dr. Fauci please stand up, please stand up, please stand up…’

He then raps about vaccinating your family and everyone you know. Followed closely by, ‘vaccinate your DNA, vaccine created by the CIA.’ At another point, following his purell shower and wiping himself with a lysol wipe, he rhymes vaccinate with lone star state. Ending his performance with a plug to follow his instagram account.

If you’re familiar with Alex Stein, then you know he has a satirical sense of humor and is a frequent speaker at Dallas City Council meetings.

You’ll see some strange conspiracies and also on December 8, of 2021 he appeared at the council dressed as Santa and cancelled Christmas.

His use of satirical comedy at Dallas City Council meetings is found all over his instagram in addition to conspiracy theories, appearances at rallies and as a stand up comedian. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the trip down the rabbit hole, whether you agree with him or not.

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