The Pets Gone Wild Resort in Pasadena is causing a stir with its new recruitment strategy. Walter Parsons was beyond frustrated with the quality of his recent hires and was thinking outside of the box to get a new person in the position as quickly as possible.

According to KHOU 11 he got more than he bargained for when the sign he put up started going viral. People were stopping to take pictures of it and posting them on social media.

He actually just found the sign on Amazon, wow they truly do have everything. Parsons just thought it was funny, but then it actually started working.

Non Stupid People

This Sign In Pasadena, Texas is Funny to Some, But Others Don't Get The Joke.

The people that are not happy with the sign are likely thinking about his prior employees. Since they were fired and no longer work there, is he calling them stupid?

Others will say that this is very unprofessional and that they would never do business with a company with this kind of hiring practice. With current hiring EEO procedures, you might have to document this sign as a hiring device. Not hiring certain people could be seen as discrimination.

But that could be the determining factor for this job. If you don't find this sign funny, or you think it's about you, you shouldn't apply.

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How do you even determine stupidity? One man's stupidity could just be another brilliance. There are so many nuances to the human psyche, but I am glad this business owner found some applicants to help care for all of the fur babies at the Pets Gone Wild Resort.


After the sign got put up he got three solid applications within 24 hours. He said that he really doesn't even need the sign anymore and is taking it down by the end of the week, so if you want to swing by there you could save yourself the $30 on Amazon.

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