I feel like there is an upward trend of feel-good stories coming from police departments around the great state of Texas. Yes, there are a few bad apples out there - like any other job in the world - but for the most part they have been here to 'serve and protect'.

And sometimes... to make someones day.

A Garland, Texas couple was pulled over by a Wylie police officer and while his wife was videoing, Wayne Blackmore felt like he already knew why he was getting pulled over. He didn't have a front license plate on his car and he was dreading what the fine would be.

He even kept his hands in plain sight out of the window!

The officer told Blackmore he wasn't getting a ticket but proceeded to give him a lecture. In the video you hear him saying:

...As a parent, we also have to make sure that we're good role model, correct? And seeing as you're in that boat now, don't you think it's important you do the same?

The police officer than handed the driver a decal saying "Baby on Board" and when Wayne looked at his wife, she was holding a pregnancy test that read positive.

According to Dallas News, the couple spent years trying to start a family - dealing with infertility and a miscarriage - so they were trying in vitro fertilization.

A huge congratulations to the happy family!

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