Have you spotted a gator on an East Texas lake? You're not alone.

According to reports from KLTV, gators are on the move in our area. Two sightings recently in a swimming area and in a small pond have caused East Texans to show concern about the prescence of the reptiles.

"A lot of people panicked, a lot of people were afraid. I had never seen one until that day," said witness Matt Ensley.

Ensley was working at Lake Hawkins when another person spotted a 3-4 foot alligator in the swimming area. "It tried to come up on to the bank. I went in the water and shooed it off , and it went on its own happy merry way," he says.

Another sighting occurred in my hometown of White Oak in a small pond. Bruce Wofford shared his experience with KLTV, “drove in one day, saw something swimming around and it was a small alligator. Called the local game warden, they can help you out , caught it and relocating it,” he said.

Texas Game Warden Todd Long says the sightings are no reason for concern.

"They are traveling this time of year, it is breeding season, mating season, and many times that is the reason for these different sightings. They're being spotted all over our East Texas lakes, not a cause for concern," Long says.

Despite natural fers, no alligator attacks have been reported in East Texas.

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