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In a very negative world it's great to see positive things happening around East Texas.

Turning on and watching the news you could be left with a feeling that the world is just falling apart because the news anchors are talking about the quick rise in COVID-19 cases again, wearing masks and the debate surrounding them, gun violence around the nation, the inquiries happening in Washington, D.C. along with other political hot topics, its just enough to make you almost believe we're coming apart at the seams as a society.

However, we're not. We're actually coming together and helping people. Yes, we have our differences on all those topics listed above, but in general, I feel like we are helping each other. That thought is backed up from what I've been seeing post on a page on a social media platform. When we see other East Texans in need or struggling with something, it is great to see other East Texans jump in to help with the issue.

One example would be from a Jeep driver who recently shared an experience on a social media outlet describing their situation with a flat tire. While inflating the flat tire enough just to make it home, they were approached by a stranger who offered to help by plugging up the tire after they pulled a nail out. This stranger said 'well you're in luck' and proceeded to fix the tire on the spot. When the Jeep driver wanted to pay the man for his service and generosity, they received the following response from the guy who just helped them,

I didn’t do it for money, I did it because it is the right thing to do, God bless you young man."

Reading and learning about little incidents like this makes me feel good knowing that East Texans are looking out for each other, especially when we're bombarded by so much negativity in the news. This isn't the only random act of kindness that's being spread amongst the Piney Woods either. We've recently reported on extraordinary East Texans doing amazing things at a Tyler Whataburger along with a random act of kindness taking place at Lowe's on S. Broadway. As we continue to look out for one another and help out, East Texas will be a much better and friendlier place.

When we learn about these extraordinary acts, we'll pass on the good news about great things happening in East Texas.

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