Pretty much everyone's dream escape involves white sand and turquoise water. Drinks with umbrellas don't hurt, nor does laid-back high-end living. What if you could get paid to leave it all behind and "work" at a resort in Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta or Puerto Penasco? We're not making this up, it's an actual thing.

Job Title: Pro-Vacationist

The company is called Vidanta, and on their website they're recruiting people who are willing to relocate for a year and live on beautiful Mexico beaches. They also require applicants be willing to experience area culture, art, dining and entertainment. Sounds rough.

Job Activities

Here's a list of some of the responsibilities their site says employees will have:

  • Walking just-hatched sea turtles to the ocean
  • Learning local dance
  • Singing with mariachi bands
  • Reporting on tropical sunsets
  • Taking cooking lessons from Michelin Star chefs
  • Golfing on world-famous courses
  • Sampling luxury spa treatments
  • Fine tequila tasting

Skills Requirements

No, you don't have to have a degree in something complex or Hollywood connections to apply. It's a marketing job, so Vidanta is looking for people who can communicate, who can connect with others.

They're hoping to attract people who use social media and technology creatively and get a lot of interaction when they do. Their site says sales and marketing experience is a plus, but it doesn't look like that's an absolute requirement for getting hired.

Basically, they're looking for an influencer, a person who makes people want to do what they do, buy what they buy and go where they go. Influencers have a reputation for knowledge on a subject and they're instrumental in creating trends. Celebrities are influencers, but so are industry experts and some bloggers. Hey, I blog, maybe I should apply...

If you fill out their online application, they want your Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook address so they can check out your feeds along with your resume. You'll also need to create a YouTube video that explains why you're the best pick.

But just imagine if you got the job. What problems couldn't you solve during a year of sitting on the beach staring at the water? You'd never get tired of the view and you could fall asleep every night to the sound of waves on the beach. And you'd get paid for it.

Vidanta calls this the "World's Best Job." What do you think? What other jobs would you love to have?

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