Oh no! ‘Glee‘ starlet Amber Riley, who plays Mercedes on the musical sitcom, fainted on the red carpet event in Los Angeles on Tuesday, May 1. The ‘Glee’ cast was attending a screening at the TV Academy of Arts and Sciences when Riley suddenly collapsed while speaking to interviewers on the red carpet.

Luckily, the 26-year-old actress/singer, who just slimmed down two dress sizes, is doing just fine after scaring the living bejesus out of the press and her castmates gathered at the event in North Hollywood. Poor Amber! Fainting is one of the worst feelings in the world, but we’re just happy that she’s alright.

The fainting spell seems to have been brought on by the intensity of the photographers’ flashing bulbs. Riley took to Twitter to explain why she fell to the ground and to assure fans she’s alright, writing, “Hey guys, I’m okay : ) I got a little dizzy from all the photog flashes! You’d think I’s [sic] be used to it by now, still a red carpet amateur I guess. Gonna get checked out but I feel fine. Thank you for all the concern and well wishes.”

She then continued, “I’d also like to thank the photographers for being do professional and not taking photos of me on the ground. I truly truly appreciate it. Could have been super embarrassing.” She finished off by writing this morning, “I’m gonna sneak in a nap before this scene. My big noggin is still a little sore! Have a good day y’all!”

We are so happy you’re alright, Amber!

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