Modern homes are full of modern conveniences. Yes, they are very nice and those modern homes make us feel very comfortable. There is just something very fascinating and very cozy about stepping into a home that was built over 100 years ago. There is a sturdiness to them, you feel like you could put your ear to the wall and hear a story, there is a beauty to them that no modern home could ever live up to. That's what makes looking through this 1914 era home in Moody, Texas so much fun.

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Modern Versus Older Homes

Modern homes are built to withstand our everyday lives. There is a beauty to them. There is a feeling of safety inside of them. There is a feeling of relaxation and comfort in a modern home. But most of us have walked through a home that was built over 100 years ago and had a feeling unlike any we've had in a modern home. Those types of homes give you a loving and comforting hug just like your mother.

The Stories Older Homes Tell

The architecture of homes over 100 years old is also fascinating. Most, if not every aspect of the home, is hand carved and hand cut and every nail was driven by hand. The home has a floorplan that is it's own design unlike the cookie cutter style of homes we see in neighborhoods nowadays. Older homes have their own personality and have a story that you feel when touching a banister or can hear if you press your ear against the wall.

Lots of Land

A lot of these 100 plus year old homes come with a lot of land as well. That just adds to the comfort and relaxation as you don't feel crowded. Add a porch that looks over the land and embraces the sunrise and sunset and peace is all yours.

Farmhouse for Sale in Moody, Texas

There is a home for sale in Moody, Texas, in between Waco and Temple, that fits the above descriptions perfectly. It was built in 1914, has four bedrooms, two bathrooms and is surrounded by roughly 26 acres of land. The price isn't outrageous either. Take a virtual tour of the home below and get specifics of the home's price and other details at

Go Back in Time with This 1914 Era Home for Sale in Moody, Texas

There is just something fascinating about the architecture of homes built over 100 years ago.

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