Look, you can’t just go into Godzilla vs. Kong cold. How will you be able to understand the characters’ intricate motivations if you haven’t been fully versed on the “MonsterVerse” so far? You’d be totally lost, unsure why the giant monkey was pounding the fire-breathing mega-lizard.

Okay, so really, Godzilla vs. Kong doesn’t really require that much explanation. Still, this is the fourth film in this cycle of MonsterVerse movies from Legendary and Warner Bros., and if you missed any of the previous movies — GodzillaGodzilla: King of the Monsters, and Kong: Skull Island — we’re here to help. In the video below, we lay out the two title characters’ backstories, explain why they’re fighting, and what a government agency called Monarch has to do with it all. We’ll go from the dawn of time up to the 1970s, when the military (including Loki, Nick Fury, and Carol Danvers!) discover Skull Island, and then into the present day San Francisco, where the government is hiding proof of monsters.

Watch our MonsterVerse recap below:

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