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A few weeks ago, stimulus payments started arriving in the bank accounts of American citizens.  The $1200 for almost every adult in the U.S. (and $500 for each child) was provided as part of the $2 Trillion relief package designed to help folks who are out of work due to the Coronavirus pandemic crisis.

As soon as the payments started going out, the news broke that some stimulus money had been mistakenly sent to the deceased.  Several reliable news sources, including NBC News, reported this odd occurrence with the accompanying messages like: "You can probably keep it."  These reports cited unnamed government officials as their source, but literally told us to relax - it was fine if you kept the erroneous payment.  As you can probably tell at this point in the conversation that that was bad advice.

According to the report from East Texas Matters, the IRS is now saying that money must be sent back.  If you're thinking that they can't get blood from a stone because you already spent it, I want you to re-read the last sentence - especially the part that says IRS.   That means they totally can and will get blood from any stone they like, it's kinda their specialty.  So, enjoy whatever it is that you bought with grandma's stimulus check - just don't count on a bug refund in 2021.

If you'd very much like to pay that money back now for some reason, follow the steps laid out on the IRS's official website here.

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