If you have had any infractions of the legal variety in the Lone Star State that may have slipped your mind, you've still got one small sliver of hope before the long arm of the law reaches out for you.

Every year, the great state of Texas conducts a state wide sweep in an effort to clear up each and every outstanding warrant.  This year, the  2020 Great Texas Warrant Roundup is set to begin on February 29th, but until then authorities are willing to show you a little grace.

For the next 2 weeks, Texas is extending an olive branch in the form of an amnesty period that will allow you to patch up your relationship with the authorities before they set the dogs out.  Starting Monday, you can clear up any Class C Misdemeanor (minor traffic violations, ordinance violations, etc) outstanding warrants without the fear of being detained.

According to KIIITV, once the roundup begins anyone and everyone with a warrant will be actively pursued, detained, and prosecuted.

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