It is almost time for midterm elections and the District Attorney seat will be up for grabs in Gregg County. The seat is currently held by former police officer Tom Watson. On Friday, he announced that he would not seek re-election.

Watson says that he is a cop at heart, not a politician and believes that allowing someone else to run for the seat is best for him and his family.

“In my first year, we increased criminal prosecutions in Gregg County, exceeding the numbers of the previous administration. Then came the pandemic. COVID-19 protocols halted jury trials. The intervening months have been challenging, pressure-filled, and compromising,” “The resulting stress has not been good for my health or my family’s health. And nothing in my life comes before my family – except God.” Watson said.

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He went on in his statements to thank all of his supporters and expressed that he plans to have a private practice once he steps down. When he ran in 2018 his promise was to back law enforcement, lead decisively and aggressively prosecute criminals and he has a clear mind that he made good on his word.

He decided to make the announcement now to give citizens considering running for the seat time to prepare their campaigns. His term will end December 31, 2022. If you are interested in running for the seat of Gregg County District Attorney your job would be to represent the state in prosecuting felony criminal cases, work with law enforcement officers in the investigation of criminal cases and present the case to a grand jury.


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