The weekly trip to the grocery store is getting scarier each time, because all of a sudden I'm noticing slight changes in some of the things we buy as a family.

This has probably been happening for some time, but I really noticed it in one particular product and then others followed.

My wife and I seem to always shop at the same store, and she can't go without her morning coffee. We're accustomed to buying the bigger round red container of Folgers Breakfast Blend coffee, and that's when I noticed the change about three weeks ago.

The size of the container was much smaller.

I wish I had gotten a picture of the old container before it was thrown out, but for a little under $9 we were buying this container of coffee that made roughly 270 cups of coffee. The new container, for the same price, now makes 210 cups of coffee.

I'd say that's quite a bit of difference for the same price. I'm not sure who made this change -- whether it was Folgers or the store -- but inflation is happening in my eyes.

Although the price isn't going up, we're getting less for the same amount of money so that's inflation to me!

Lucky Larry

Another product I noticed a change in was with my daughter's lunch dessert, the Little Debbie chocolate cupcake. This box used to be loaded with 10 cupcakes, but now its down to eight, and the size of the box remains the same (so they can maintain store shelf space in my opinion)!

I may seem like a penny-pincher or a complainer at this point, but it's just a couple of things I've picked up and noticed. Then there's the Coke products. They are selling them in boxes of 20, instead of the traditional cases of 24!

Lucky Larry

So, what other products have you noticed here lately giving you less in quantity but keeping the price the same? Let me know by commenting in the comment section below.

Lucky Larry