Many are freaking out after video of a shark supposedly being caught in a popular Texas summer destination.

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Literally a couple weeks ago we had a story on the best rivers to float in Texas this summer. The first one mentioned in the story is the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, Texas. Well, some folks don't really feel comfortable floating the river after a video posted to Tik Tok shows a shark being caught there.

Tik Tok User Bigjon69 posted this video of a bullshark being caught in the river. Fun fact if you didn't know, four types of sharks can survive in a freshwater environment. Three of them are native to other parts of the world, but a bullshark can be found in rivers/lakes in America.

City of New Braunfels Comments on Supposed Shark in the River

"Although it is “technically” possible for bull sharks to swim in fresh water, there are very likely no sharks in the rivers in New Braunfels…probably…"

Obviously, New Braunfels doesn't want folks to not come to their city to float the river. I am sure it's a HUGE part of the city's economy every summer. It's starting to sound like the mayor in Jaws, no reason to panic, no shark in the water. I'm gonna need my man BigJon69 to tell us exactly which portion of the river this is, that way we can figure out if this shark is swimming through hydroelectric plants and making it's way north up the river. Sounds like a crappy SciFi movie writing itself here.

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