While Blake Shelton was busy hosting the Kids' Choice Awards in Los Angeles on Saturday night (March 12), his special lady friend Gwen Stefani was experiencing a specific kind of star-crossed "Misery" while on the other side of the globe in Japan: not being able to watch her country beau on TV, of course.

The "Make Me Like You" singer began tweeting to her Japanese fans/fave Harajuku girls on Saturday evening, asking them frantically to hurry up and come and save her (a.k.a. help her find a digital live-stream of the annual Nickelodeon awards show). I mean, where are Love, Angel, Music and Baby when you need them, right?

"Trying to stream @AllThingsKCAs in Japan ????!!!" Stefani posted alongside a series of sad, stressed-out emojis. "Where r my Japanese fans? Help me stream @AllThingsKCAs."

Thankfully, a solution was eventually found, with a friend Facetiming the "Hollaback Girl" from the audience, allowing Stefani—whose son Zuma was actually in attendance—to watch her man perform his slimy hosting duties from her phone. Whew... crisis averted!

Meanwhile, earlier in the day, Shelton took a tour of The Forum in Los Angeles where he ended up coming across a canvas featuring autographs from the members of No Doubt, Stefani's ska-pop band. Stopping to admire the signatures, The Voice coach explained, "Here is No Doubt. I like those... those guys a lot. One of 'em a lot!"

Well, at least the feeling seems very mutual between all parties involved.

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