After teasing fans a couple of days ago, Hailee Steinfeld has finally released her new song, "Wrong Direction."

But she didn't just release the new tune at midnight on New Year's Day (January 1). She also dropped a lyric video to go along with it. On a white background meant to look like paper, the handwritten lyrics glide across the screen. And with a piano-led instrumental in the background, you start to feel (and see) that this is a real heartbreaker of a ballad.

Starting off with, "I don't hate you / No, I couldn't if I wanted to. I just hate all the hurt that you put me through / And that I blame myself for letting you," it seems easy to point out that the song was inspired by her breakup with Niall Horan.

However she really dives into what happened in the relationship. "Couldn't even see you through the smoke / Lookin' back, I probably should have known / But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin' alone," she sang in the pre-chorus.

And then in the second verse, she talks about not being able to "reach your ego" and how people didn't know him the way she did.

"Guess I was crazy to give you my body, my mind / Don't know what I was thinkin' 'til now / Everyone thinks that your somebody else / You've even convinced yourself," Hailee sang.

Since releasing the song at midnight, fans are really getting the feels with this one.

As one of the first new songs of 2020, it's worth the listen. You may just want to have a box of tissues next to you, too.

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