Halloween is almost upon us, and we know you love to celebrate! Did you know that two of the Top 20 Places for Halloween are right down the road?

WalletHub's list was comprised using key metrics like candy and chocolate stores, weather, and potential trick-or-treat stops.

Plano, TX makes an appearance in the final slot, with New York, NY topping the list, and in the Top 10, you'll find Irving. Clearly DFW knows how to party!

Depending on your plans you could be spending a little or a lot on Halloween, but the average U.S. household is expected to spend $86.79 this year. That adds up to more than our current Mega Millions Jackpot, at $9 Billion.

Below you'll find some fun facts about Halloween! Scroll to the bottom, and you'll find that our next Halloween that falls on a Full Moon is coming soon in 2020. So just how many pumpkins are produced each year ahead of the holiday? Only, 2 Billion. Whoa! That's a lot of pumpkins!

More Halloween Fashion, Tricks or Treats, Facts and history are below! Happy Haunting!

Source: WalletHub

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