Halloween is a time for thrills, chills, apple-bobbing and begging your neighbors for candy with a faint threat while wearing a mask. It also often involves a frenzied eleventh-hour rush at the Halloween store, picking through the few leftover items, slapping on a clown wig and a tutu and asking your friend if "this could be something" two hours before you're headed to a party. But if there's one thing that's definitely required, it's a killer Halloween mix or three.

Our first of several Halloween 2016 playlists is ghost-themed — to varying degrees —and features a genre-spanning mix of classics ("Dead Man's Bones," Ray Parker Jr.'s original Ghostbusters theme) and newer moody tracks from Halsey, Banks, Kyla La Grange, Kid Cudi and more.

Listen via Apple Music below, and if you are still on the hunt for an easy costume, check out our guides on how to be Barb from Stranger Things for Halloween, how to be Chewbacca Mom, how to be Fifth Harmony in the "Work From Home" video and how to dress up as Kylie Jenner.

Did we miss one of your go-to Halloween jams? Let us know below — and stay tuned for another monstrous mix...

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