The best part of Hamilton on Disney+: Being able to watch the film version of the Broadway show over and over for all the details that are impossible to observe live in a theater (assuming you can even afford to see Hamilton multiple times — or could score tickets even once!). One of Hamilton’s biggest showstoppers is “Satisfied,” sung by Renée Elise Goldsberry, which reveals the tortured inner life of Angelica Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton’s sister-in-law. After Hamilton meets and marries his wife Eliza, Angelica gives a toast at the wedding that turns into “Satisfied.” During the song, Angelica unburdens herself to the audience, explaining how she loves Hamilton but kept her emotions to herself for a variety of reasons.

When Angelica describes what happened, the entire show rewinds, and we see the scenes of Hamilton and Eliza’s meeting play out again from Angelica’s perspective. It’s an impressive feat of stagecraft — but viewed linearly in the show you can’t quite appreciate just how well the show recreates the earlier scenes, down to specific lighting cues and even tiny gestures by the actors.

A user on YouTube actually synced up “Satisfied” with the earlier events from Hamilton, and viewing them side-by-side the results are truly impressive. Take a look:

Seeing the effect in person was cool, but seeing them side-by-side on video, it’s staggering how well they recreated the earlier scenes. Y’know what? I think Hamilton might be a really good show! It is streaming exclusively on Disney+.

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