Look for a big 'Going Out Of Business' sign to be place on the Hastings building soon. Hastings' parent company filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in June, but they weren't successful in finding someone to buy the company. According to court documents, the company was bought out by a joint venture firm consisting of two financial companies that will be overseeing the liquidation of the retailer.

Local stores could be closing before the mandated October 31, 2016 date and current employees would be given a seven day notice before their store would close its' doors permanently.

The 'Going Out Of Business' banners will soon be hung at the following Hastings' locations in East Texas:

  • Tyler - 4015 S. Broadway Ave.
  • Nacogdoches - 4501 North St.
  • Mt. Pleasant - 2306 S. Jefferson Ave.
  • Longview - 405 NW Loop 281

There are a total of thirty stores located in Texas.

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