Since when did we all start acting like little kids, talking down about our restaurants around town? You do realize these are the same businesses that are keeping your friends and family members fed, and some of them employed. The amount of disrespect toward restaurants that is taking place here in Tyler, Texas is beyond ridiculous right now and people need to stop acting like keyboard tough guys.

Almost every single day you see new people complaining about the smallest little thing. It's like we've all forgotten that these restaurants are hanging on by a thread, if they aren't supported, it won't be long before they shut their doors. So, why on earth would you want to add to their stress by talking down about them online? It makes absolutely no sense at all.

Before You Write Something Online, Speak to Someone at the Restaurant

If your service or food complaint is really that bad, have the guts to talk to a manager before leaving the restaurant. Don't be a coward and just jump online to bash a business that is likely understaffed already anyway. And understand that if you're going to a restaurant during the busy times of the day (lunch or dinner), expect your wait time to be a little longer than normal.

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If You've Never Worked in Food Service You Need to Kindly Be Quiet

My dad was a restaurant manager for 30+ years, it's some of the hardest work you can do. People come in wanting food as soon as they order, and want it for a cheap price. These hosts, servers, bussers, cooks, bakers, and other staff members are trying to give you a great experience. Not everything goes according to plan, but before you bash another restaurant online remember these staff members are busting their backs for you to enjoy a meal.

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