The topic of carving a pumpkin came up the other day in the office and I was surprised by how many of my co-workers had never carved a jack-o-lantern.

I then took my little survey on the road with me to the Mix VIP Lunch at Julian's Asian Restaurant and Lounge and discovered the five out of the six women that I was having lunch with had never taken a knife to a pumpkin! I thought, "WOW! What's the reason why!"

After talking with these ladies, many of them had never done it because their parents didn't let them as kids and they just had no desire to do it. I was also told that cutting open a pumpkin was too messy, its insides were slimy and one of them said they just didn't know what to do or where to begin. Then there was the one who had done it before. Her co-workers said she does it EVERY year and that she even cooks with the pumpkin! I'm hoping they are talking about roasting the pumpkin seeds!

So that got me to wondering, how many other people have never carved a jack-o-lantern out of a pumpkin!

If you've carved a pumpkin for Halloween this year, I'd love to see your work! Just upload a pic in the comment section below or better yet jump to the Mix 93-1 Facebook page and upload it there and share your work with thousands! I'd also like to know if it's your first attempt or one of your masterpieces.

For those of you that have never carved a jack-o-lantern and would like to know how, I did a quick search on YouTube and found these videos to help inspire you!

Happy Halloween and be careful carving your jack-o-lantern!

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