A small bug with a big bite has been spotted around the US, and I want to know if you've seen it around our parts.

The 'Cow Killer,' or the 'Eastern Velvet Ant,' isn't really an ant at all. Technically it's a wasp, though it looks like an overgrown ant, with a very painful sting.

“On the pain scale these have one of the most intense, painful stings that are out there,” said Dr. Gene Kritsky, an entomologist at Mount St. Joseph University.

Often these are seen at dusk or night, when they are most active. They can be found in a variety of environments including sandy areas, the edge of a forest, meadows and fields.

“The adults become more prevalent later in the summer,” Kritsky said. “This is about the time that my students and I start finding them and then we’ll see them more commonly towards the end of August.”

Be on the look out, so you can avoid their extremely harmful sting.

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