As time progresses in Tyler, so do our tastes. Whether that's music, style, laws, the food itself, or how we consume said food, it's always going to change. Sorry y'all who wished we stayed in some earlier decade, that's just how life goes.

Jason Eisenberg
Jason Eisenberg

But something we can all be particularly excited about is the influx of food trucks in Tyler. I come from a big city on the West Coast and then I lived in Austin - so when I moved to Tyler I was like, "where the food trucks at?" Sadly, there really weren't any.

But as Tyler Morning Telegraph wrote in an article late August, '... after the Northeast Texas Health District loosened regulations, the number of permitted mobile food vendors has doubled'. They even feel this market is emerging and could have a home in Tyler.

Man I would love a Food Truck venue that also played live music on Friday nights. Wouldn't that be something!

But in the meantime, Tyler Paper lists the 10 current full-service food trucks that can be found in our city. We've even done a few taste taste videos/articles about some of these restaurants on wheels.

To see where they'll be, check out their respective Facebook pages at the beginning of each week. Our goal is to try every single one of these and get fat in the process. I think we can do it.

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