We've finally reached that point in our East Texas summer where we start hearing about the heat advisories seemingly on a daily basis.

Looking at the national picture, the National Weather Service has place East Texas under a heat advisory along with central and south Texas, all of Louisiana and most of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama, to the heat is on, especially across the south.

The heat advisory issued for East Texas will remain in effect through Wednesday evening at 7 (July 10). When the afternoon temperature and humidity are combined it could feel as if it were 105 to 110 degrees. With the high heat index values come the increase risk of heat related illnesses.

If you are outdoors for any period of time remember to:

  • drink plenty of water
  • wear lightweight and light colored clothing
  • seek shade when possible
  • wear sunscreen
  • avoid alcohol

Just about the only real relief from the heat will come from rain and there is a slight chance of afternoon and evening thunderstorms today and tomorrow, but often times after a brief summer shower we can be left with it feeling more humid than before it rained!



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