I grew up in the church and have been to many different kinds of churches of varying faiths. I've seen some pretty amazing and weird things in a lot of those houses of worship but this one right here that's been trending on social media over the last few days is up there as one of the wildest I've ever seen.

Tulsa, Oklahoma Pastor Mike Todd Runs Transformation Church

Pastor Todd was giving a sermon on "The Vision For Invasion" (and if you care to sit through his over 2 HOURS on this topic, feel free to by watching the video above). The gist of the sermon as described by its YouTube channel as:

Our problem is not vision, but clarity of vision from God. One touch from God can bring clear vision.


About 50 Minutes Into His Sermon, Things Get Weird


During the sermon, the pastor brings up a gentleman (who I believe is in on this whole "demonstration") and proceeds to explain that “receiving God’s vision can sometimes be nasty.” He has the man turn his back to him and close his eyes while Pastor Todd HAWKS UP A FEW LOOGIES into his OWN HAND...starts to rub the spit around and spreads it all over the man's face. Clearly, Pastor Todd has forgotten that we're still in a pandemic.


Who Knew You Got To See God In Pastor Todd's Spit?


You can hear the shocked and very audible "gasps" from the folks in attendance as Pastor Todd continues unfazed through his monologue while rubbing slobber all over this poor man's face (who now looks like he's quietly saying "WTF DUDE? THIS WASN'T PART OF THE BIT?).

While many accuse the Pastor of "Clout Chasing" aka "being outrageous for the sake of social media views", others may find inspiration in the message....I don't know who those people are but I do know this, if I have to get potentially glazed in COVID spit by a preacher to get into Heaven, point me to purgatory please. Thanks.

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