Remember Heidi and Spencer Pratt? If you’re wondering where they are now, we’ve got the answer for you — the reality TV star couple was just on Celebrity Wife Swap.

It would be hard to explain the hilarity that ensues when Heidi switches spots with Olympic gold medalist swimmer and super outdoorsy mom of two, Amanda Beard. Heidi is forced to pick up and move to “the sticks,” as she refers to it (a woodsy area outside of Seattle), and Amanda is sent packing to the lifestyle of the rich and the famous in Santa Barbara, Calif.

To condense all of the awesome Speidi moments for you, we’ve collected the five best quotes to come out of the episode.

  • 1

    “I fill my day with a lot of busy things. I dress my dogs and go shopping.” – Heidi

    Watching Heidi and Spencer share their daily itineraries — go shopping, check Twitter, eat lunch — is pretty funny. And also makes us a little envious! Who wouldn’t want to spend their days refreshing Instagram and eating burritos?

  • 2

    “They’re kind of tree people. They live in trees.” – Heidi

    Heidi was slightly taken aback by the Beards’ literal cabin in the woods. Surrounded by greenery, lakes and rivers, it’s a gorgeous sight. But as soon as Heidi hears there are bears in the area, she’s not having any of it, Amanda and her husband Sacha's 4-year-old son and 9-month-old daughter.

  • 3

    “The paparazzi are my best friends.” – Spencer

    Spencer takes his new “wife” out on the town to give her a real sense of what the “Hollywood vibe” is like. (His words, not ours.) He poses for photos, dances with friends and drinks the night away. It’s safe to say that Amanda, who is used to being in bed by 8PM after putting her two kids to sleep, isn’t exactly down for a SoCal party at 2AM.

  • 4

    “She’s definitely trying her best, but this is what hell is.” – Spencer

    When it’s Amanda’s turn to decide the house rules, she gives Spencer the gift of a baby — not a real one, thankfully. He receives a lifelike doll that requires feeding, changing and cuddling, a doll he so lovingly dangles by the arm and names “Baby Thing.” Heidi definitely had more fun on her end of things. She got two real kids to play with!

  • 5

    “She’s pretty much hijacked my awesome life and given me all the worst parts about her life.” – Spencer

    It’s safe to say Spencer wasn’t feeling any of Amanda’s rules — the pretend baby, the bid for a better lifestyle, her plea for him to pursue a career. Heidi, meanwhile, caught baby fever at the Beard household. Watch out, Spence! A real life Baby Thing might be headed your way.