You probably read this headline like and said to yourself "That's messed up" but by the time you finish hearing the story, I bet your reply will be:

If you're keeping score at home:

  • A man stole a car with a kid inside
  • Then came BACK to return the kid and yell at the Mom
  • And threatened to call the COPS on HER for leaving the kid alone

This is an early contender for the "Welp Of The Year". I mean, the guy was totally wrong for stealing the car, while the Mom was totally wrong for leaving her kid in the car running, especially at 4 years old. But for him to take it a step further and infer that he should call LAW ENFORCEMENT on HER while in the middle of committing a FELONY is one part aggravating, the other part.....fascinating.

While police are still searching for the "Half Right Car Thief", who is described as a white man in his 20s or 30s with dark brown, braided hair who took off with a 2013 silver Honda Pilot with Oregon plates 357GLV, the kid was unharmed in the whole ordeal which is why we feel comfortable laughing at this story.

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