There is lots to love about our great state of Texas and there is a lot to learn about our great state of Texas. Some of those things we know may not necessarily be factual but the myth has grown to a factual level. There have been many historical events that have happened in our state that have not been matched since, either. And did you know that Austin, Texas is one of eight other state capitals for Texas? So I will now present to you 21 Unique, Cool and Possibly Unknown Facts About Texas.

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Texas Could Be Five States

You gotta love Texas. Its a state that is big enough that it could be split into five individual states. Its something that could be done without approval from our government in Washington, D.C. This can be done because of a stipulation in the treaty that brought Texas into the United States. Its a proposal that has been brought up a couple of times and almost passed. Could you imagine East Texas being its own state? Or West Texas having it's own flag? Or the gulf coast of Texas having it's own license plates? Its wild to think that it could be possible.

Flying the Flag

There has long been the myth that Texas is the only state that can fly the state flag at the same height as the stars and stripes because we were an independent country at one time. I'm wondering that maybe there was some kind of rule or law or etiquette in the mid 1800's, when Texas joined the United States, that did allow for that but I couldn't find any documents to back that up. In actuality, any state can fly their flag at the same height as the U.S. flag. If both flags are on the same pole, the U.S. flag is one top with the state flag below that. However, there is no penalty if this is not followed.

Still the Biggest Storm Ever

Hurricanes are nothing new to Texas, especially along the gulf coast. Galveston is still home to the worst natural disaster in U.S. history when a hurricane hit there in 1900. Roughly 8,000 people were killed in that storm. The storm surge was anywhere between 8 to 12 feet. Every building suffered some kind of damage with about 7,000 buildings totally destroyed which includes just over 3,600 homes. The storm was also a big hit to the city's economy with investors moving their money to businesses in Houston.

Tasty Inventions

Texas is also home to tasty inventions like Dr Pepper and jalapeno jelly. Dr Pepper was created in Waco while Lake Jackson is home to jalapeno jelly. Something I have to consciously remember when typing the name is that there is no period in Dr Pepper. Jalapeno jelly is a nice mix of the of heat from a jalapeno and the sweetness of your favorite jelly flavor.

These are just a taste of the unique facts about our great state. In total, I found 21 Unique, Cool and Possibly Unknown Facts About Texas. Get them out below and I hope you learned something cool today.

I Found 21 Unique, Cool and Possibly Unknown Facts About Texas

Texas has a long history before it was an independent republic, as a republic and as a state of the United States.

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