I was looking at a list of local sayings and colloquialisms for the great State of Texas, and I thought to myself that no one I know actually says those things.

That leads me to believe that there must be something special about the specific sayings that we have here deep in the Pineywoods of East Texas. Yes, we all still say "Y'all", but that isn't what this list is about.

There are just some things that if you don't live here, you might not understand. Though some of these might be said in other parts of the state, these are mostly ours.

These Are The Phrases You Might Hear Yelled Off A Porch

If you were a fly on a pinecone in someone's yard, this is what you might hear being yelled off of the back porch. Some of them are common sayings, but it's all in the accent.

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Just like when you see a picture of Morgan Freeman and read the meme in his voice, when you read this list make sure and read them just like you would hear them here in East Texas.

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It's hard growing up here and trying to learn the correct way to say things. It's almost like I had to unlearn these things

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Feel Free To Comment Your Favorite Phrases If They Are Missing

There is no way I got all of the great sayings here in East Texas. There has to be more than this. So take a look at the list, and then add a few of your own to the comments on our Facebook.

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