In high school, every girl dreams of being homecoming queen. You get the crown, the title, and all of the glory that comes with it. But every now and then a story comes along about a queen who achieves dreams much higher than that, and inspires an entire community. This is one of those stories.

Georgia native Jessica Giddens isn't your stereotypical homecoming queen nominee. She isn't the tall, skinny, popular girl that is typically associated with being homecoming queen. While she is involved in theater, and well known and liked in her school, there is one thing that makes her stand out. She has Down syndrome.

Jessica walked the field with the rest of the nominees over the weekend. She was escorted by her father Retired Col. John Giddens. She was already daddy's little princess, but she was ready to be a queen. Jessica's named was announced over the loud speaker to the entire community at the schools homecoming game. Cheers erupted from the stands and other nominees as she was announced 2012 homecoming queen by her fellow classmates

"When they called my name, I said, 'Oh my god. I just can't believe it.' I was like jumping up and down," Jessica said. “I feel really good. I was surprised and I was so happy. The best part is being with everybody and being here with my dad. I love him so much.”

This story is a true testimonial that you can always achieve your dreams. It doesn't matter your size, color, disabilities, or if you are different. Jessica is living her life happily while being an inspiration to others, despite her disability. And she really loves the attention too, she hasn't taken her crown off since Friday night.

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