Hillary Clinton has taken a much-needed break from social media since the shocking results of the 2016 U.S. election, in which former reality star Donald Trump beat her to secure the presidency -- despite a wealth of scandals and being vastly unqualified for the job.

But Hillary (or, fine, possibly a member of her team) returned to Twitter today -- if only for a fleeting moment -- to follow Snoop Dogg on the site after he reportedly followed her first.

Snoop previously showed his support for Hillary when he headlined a post-Democratic National Convention concert honoring her, where he led the audience in a “F—k Donald Trump” chant, according to The Daily Beast.

“Hillary Clinton, we love you baby,” he reportedly said later in the night. “Hillary, you’re my favorite girl … I want to dedicate this song to Hillary and the whole campaign ... We’re gonna stand by you, Hillary.”

He expressed his upset over the outcome of the presidential election shortly after the results were announced. The rapper posted several memes across social media, along with a video essentially pinning part of the blame for her loss on Tim Kaine, Hillary’s pick for Vice President.

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