None of us know what life was truly like here in Texas 150 years ago. And that is probably a good thing, life was a lot more difficult back then compared to right now. Life is so easy right now as we can entertain ourselves and order food from a little piece of technology that we carry around with us all the time. If you think back 150 years, we are talking about people in Texas who had to truly work hard to be able to provide for their families. Let’s talk about how they were able to make a living back then. 

Old Workers

Currently the most common job in Texas would be a general or operations manager, followed by fast food workers, then it would be customer service representatives. All these jobs sound much easier than the most common in Texas 150 years ago. It’s common knowledge that technological advances have made life a lot easier and that includes making difficult tasks or occupations easier too.  

Life Is Easier in Texas Compared to 150 Years Ago 

Beyond the difficult jobs people worked in Texas years ago, they didn’t have the same comfortable clothing we have now or all the tools to make our jobs easier. We are very fortunate to have all the modern amenities available to us today.  

Let’s Look at Common Jobs in Texas from the Past 

Here is a look at the most common jobs in Texas from 150 years ago. You should be very happy that you didn’t have to work these jobs. 

LOOK: These Were the Most Common Jobs 150 Years Ago in Texas

Stacker compiled a list of the most common jobs in Texas 150 years ago using data transcribed from the 1870 U.S. Census.

Gallery Credit: Stacker

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