Hot Chelle Rae’s new music video for their latest single ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’ succeeds at capturing the song's theme of long, crazy summer nights spent with friends.

The video features band members Ryan Follese, Nash Overstreet and Jamie Follese running all over Los Angeles, performing their single flash mob-style. They loaded up an old pickup truck with a guitar, mic and amp and took off to find random, unexpected locales.

“The idea is to play in as many places as we can without getting kicked out or arrested,” Ryan explained in the video’s intro.

Thankfully, jail is not one of the many places the band performs. They start simple, setting up camp in a shopping center where people stop to snap photos and watch the impromptu show.

The warm welcome must have encouraged the guys, because they then crash a party, hit up a late-night diner and serenade an outdoor bar. The trio isn’t successful in every location they try, but the police cameo just makes the video even better.

The unique concept is fun and spontaneous, which is pretty fitting for a song all about having a good time and seeing where the night takes you. The video spans a period of twelve hours and only ends when the sun starts to rise, a nod to the lyrics: “Come on don’t say goodnight / With the stars in the sky / Let’s wait ‘til tomorrow paints the sun across the night.”

We’re definitely adding this feel-good tune to our summer playlist!

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