I LOVE these stories! Especially this time of year, and really ALL year this year, these stories are the ones sure to make you smile.

A 5-year-old J.J. Watt fan named Coyer received a Watt trading card for Christmas this year and he just could NOT hold his excitement. Watch the video below and we'll catch back up:


"J.J. Watt! Let's go!" Coyer yelled, after unwrapping his gift.

He's pretty excited. Way to go Santa on nailing that one! Coyer's family recorded his reaction (probably expecting the one they got) and posted it online. It received lots of love, but nothing could top hearing back from the Houston Texans' defensive end himself!  


"Your reaction made my morning," Watt said in the video.

Watt also said he made an educated guess in trying to figure out little Coyer's name - noting the family never mentioned it in the video and Watt seeing a Christmas stocking with the name "Colton" in the background.

"I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas," Watt continues to say. "I happen to have a whole bunch of trading cards right here in my locker...so I think I'm going to sign a few of those and send them your way."

Watt said he'd also send Coyer a pair of game-worn gloves and cleats to match. How. Cool.

I'm glad that made both Coyer's family and J.J. Watt happy! The Houston Texans face the Tennessee Titans on January 3. If the Titans come out with a win in that match up, they secure a spot in the postseason. The Texans could use the win to move to 5-11 on the season.

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