Do you have traditions for Mother's Day, or do you keep it casual?

Our family keeps things pretty casual. We don't go out to a fancy brunch, lunch or dinner. My mom prefers that my brother and just come by and visit.

Sunday, we both drove to visit our Mom at her home and spent the afternoon enjoying conversation. We talked mostly about pets. My mom and step-dad have a dog, DD, and cat, BC. Yes, they like letter names. DD stands for ahem, damn dog, while BC stands for barn cat. The cat does live in the barn.

Today, I made the brave choice to crate my two little kittens, Stella and Alice, and drive them to meet my mom. Cats typically don't travel well, but I was impressed with these two. They were quiet, minus a few small meows the whole hour drive.

When we arrived, they allowed my family to cuddle them, and then they rested quietly in a large crate to stay safe. We didn't want them to run off, or get out into the woods where predators might attack.

They were quiet and good the whole way home, too. I expected them to run out of their carrier and start playing when got home. Nope, they curled up and went back to sleep. Their day of travel had worn them out.

My mom was tickled to meet them, and pleasantly surprised they behaved so well. She said she had a wonderful mother's day!

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