So exactly how does Urban Dictionary define Tyler, Texas, the largest city in the Eastern part of the state? You might be shocked!

A few of us here at the station were looking up strange words on Urban Dictionary to try to figure out what some words and phrases meant, then out of curiosity I put 'Tyler, Texas' in the search bar of the site and well, was a little taken back by the definition! From Urban Dictionary,

The dirty a**hole of Texas. A place crawling with soccer moms that look like, and worship, Sarah Palin. Tyler is a dry county, so the Baptists drive 20 minutes to the county line to get their booze, so as to avoid tainting their reputation around town. Despite being located in the Bible Belt and serving as a hub for retirees, Tyler is a great place to find drugz. Typical hangouts include: the mall, the Hollytree parking lot, and your rich friend's house in Hollytree."

Wow! That's how Tyler is described on this site, then I happened to talk about it and show this to a friend and they said, "sums us up about right!"

There's been a couple of more updates in the definition of our finely described town since this definition was entered in January of 2011, like the fact that you can now buy alcohol within city limits!

If you had to update the definition of Tyler, Texas in Urban Dictionary, what would you have it say? Let me know by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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