If I were asked the question, "How long could you survive without your mobile phone?" My answer would probably be not too long! I was put to that test not too long ago and let me tell you it was tough!

I had a problem with the camera on my iPhone 6+, it was taking shaky pics and wavy videos, and when I took it in for repairs, they had to keep the phone while they waited on the part that was under recall to arrive. So here I was without a phone! I went to my cell provider and told the situation and asked if they had a loner phone I could use, well, the associate came back with a very old clam shell looking phone that didn't even have access to internet, email or apps! How was I to survive with that 'loaner' phone?! I then went looking through my old phones at home and found an older android. Thankfully it booted up after I gave it a charge and I ended up being stuck with it for over a week. It had extremely slow connections no matter where you were! Sending a text, well that took a couple of days it seemed!

While my phone was away being repaired, I became very frustrated with my old one because of the slow speed but I finally adjusted to it and accepted that that's just the way it was going to be! Well, eight days later I was thrilled when the repair center called and said my phone was ready to be picked up!

Those eight days were pretty tough, but by the end of it I kind of got used to not being connected to technology and a gadget (aka - cell phone!). With the slow connection, I quit trying to look at email, social media and apps and just left the phone on the desk or counter and used it as originally intended, a phone!

So I now ask you the question,

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