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Another day, another theft is being reported at a Tyler Walmart.

I'm not sure where to start with this one. I will say that I am in a Tyler Walmart at least once a week, whether it's getting a full shopping list of groceries and other essentials or just running inside for a few quick items, and it sure seems like there's a lot of stealing going on. I've never witnessed anyone stealing anything, but it is apparently happening and these thieves are being blasted all over social media.

Thefts are being reported to Tyler Police Department, which seems to be happening daily, and they then turn around and put some pretty clear images of these suspected criminals up on the Tyler Police Department's Facebook page in a feature they call 'Find 'Em Friday'. Thanks to the surveillance cameras Walmart apparently has heavily invested in, the Tyler Police Department, along with the rest of us, are getting some clear images of these suspects.

These suspects are blatantly stealing all sorts of things: from beer to clothing, to vacuum cleaners and so much more. In several cases, the Tyler Police Department has a lead to follow up on because many of the getaway vehicles these suspects get in or drive away in are recorded by the surveillance camera or by store personnel along with their license plates. It is hard to imagine that so much of this is happening and that people feel entitled to go into a place of business and take something without paying for it.

In addition to the pandemic, supply chain problems, and whatever else, the price of goods at the store is going up thanks to these lowlifes who just believe they can go in and walk out with what they want. Here are a few of the cases that the Tyler Police Department is still working or have worked on over the past few weeks:

Man steals six cases of beer - Troup Hwy.
$200 clothing - Hwy. 64 West
$300 miscellaneous items - Troup Hwy.
Bissell vacuum cleaner - Troup Hwy.
Pair of thieves - Hwy. 64 West

Take a look at these criminals and if you recognize them call the Tyler Police Department at 903.531.1000 and report your tip about these suspects anonymously. And honestly, while I'm typing this out I'm thinking Walmart isn't the only store getting hit up by these everyday thieves, it's happening in other retail locations throughout, not only Tyler but East Texas as a whole.

I do not have exact figures on how much money the Tyler Walmarts are losing due to theft, but I can only imagine it's quite a bit.  Just those few instances listed above come out to be nearly $1000.  Now that all the cashiers have been removed from most of their stores, I can imagine that some people aren't scanning every single item themselves when they're checking out at the self-service check-out kiosks too, resulting in more thefts that aren't reported to the police.

Now, I know if someone is going to steal something they'll do whatever they can do to get away with it. Thanks to Walmart and the Tyler Police Department for putting these suspects on social media, it is eye-opening as to how bold the criminals are, but they have to know that they're risking jail time and that a cell will be waiting for them when they are eventually identified and arrested for their crimes.

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