At Disney Investor Day, Marvel’s Kevin Feige finally announced the movie we’ve been waiting for years to see: Fantastic Four, directed by Jon Watts. Yes, there have been four Fantastic Four films to date, but have you seen those things? One was so terrible it was never released; another was so bad it should never have been released. The best of the bunch ended with a full frontal shot of Doctor Doom’s metal dong. Not exactly a legacy worthy of Marvel’s First Family.

We’re hoping Marvel’s Fantastic Four will be different. And we also hope that Marvel figures out a clever way to integrate the characters into the existing fabric of the MCU. The Fantastic Four are so essential to Marvel history — there wouldn’t be a Marvel Comics without them — it would feel wrong if they just suddenly showed up after all this stuff that’s happened between Iron Man and Avengers: Endgame. But what if the Fantastic Four has been around the entire time? What if we never saw them until now? The fun video below explores one theory how the Fantastic Four could have been connected to the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe

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