Cancel Culture is out there waiting for you to get famous. Everything you have ever done is in the cloud somewhere waiting. The court of public opinion is queuing you up to be reviewed for cancellation. So far this has lead to the cancellation of many celebrities.

Strange that some of them are still around, doing exactly what they were doing before they got cancelled. That's usually because of an immediate, acceptable apology, that included actual remorse.

Some actions though, you can't come back from. So what happens to people that get cancelled? How do they continue to live and make a living? It's intriguing to think about. Why isn't every last person that has ever been cancelled, homeless or living on the street? Someone has to be helping them some how.

Free speech isn't what you think it is in a cancel culture world. It just doesn't apply anymore. You can speak freely in a democracy, but there are still consequences for what you say. Especially now with concrete data online of the posts and comments you make.

Your descendants will be able to see this data for all time. How will it stand up over the test of time? How will it paint you as a person for them, and what have you contributed to their knowledge about you though what you post.
We are the first generation of people to deal with this. There is no online data about my father. He died before the rise of the internet. We have pictures, and that's about it. People will no longer be mysterious in the future. Their daily thoughts out there for you to check out, for eternity.

Here are some ways to avoid your own descendants cancelling you in the future.

1. Be careful weighing in on topics on social media platforms.

2. Avoid humor that might not translate to the written word online.

3. Don't rely on anyone else to form your opinion about things.

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