We have all heard about catalytic converter theft in Texas and hope it never happens to us. Take a proactive approach to keep this expensive part of your car safe with these tips.

Paint your catalytic converter a bright color with high temp paint. This will make it very hard for the person trying to sell the part. Authorities do periodic checks at scrap yards and these will stick out like a sore thumb.

Etch the last 8 numbers of your vin on the actual catalytic converter. Once authorities find a painted catalytic converter, they will be looking for this number. Your license plate number could also be etched on the part.

If you have access to a garage keeping your car inside at night is another way to keep it safe.

The aftermarket has started to go wild with things you can add to your vehicle that can cover your catalytic converter. Everything from plates, straps, and cages can be found in the links below.

Dan Patrick - TSM Lufkin
Dan Patrick - TSM Lufkin

What Vehicles Are Most Prone To Catalytic Converter Theft In Texas? 

If you can easily get under your car, so can a thief. Trucks, vans, and SUVs that have exposed undercarriages are extremely vulnerable.

In Texas, there are six vehicles that are most often robbed of their catalytic converters. Thieves get up under the cars day and night with battery-powered saws to get them off.

Honda Element

Honda CRV

Ford F-250

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Prius

Toyota Tundra

What Does It Cost To Replace My Catalytic Converter In Texas? 

The cost to replace these parts ranges from $3,000 up to $10,000. The parts are also in short supply due to the number of thefts, so you could be waiting up to 3 months for them to come in stock.

It just makes good sense to take the necessary precautions to not be a victim of this growing property crime.

Security Devices For Your Catalytic Converter

Using a combination of these products could prevent you from becoming a victim of this senseless property crime.

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