Here in East Texas we aren't afraid of hurricanes. They might drop a lot of rain, and bring high winds to our area, but we are pretty far from the coast. What we are most afraid of is the power outages that occur due to those high winds.

No power means no air conditioning. I don't think nearly as many people would live here with our muggy humid weather without the possibility of air conditioning being provided.

Overheating is a real thing, it's not a show of manliness to sweat all day and all night. If you are out in the heat you will have to hydrate a lot. Here are a few simple ways you can stay cool if the power goes out.

If you are without AC, and wanted to cool off in the past, we could have just gone to Wal-Mart or the Mall. Now there is an issue with that due to the pandemic. Don't get too hot, just implement some of these ideas if you lose power this hurricane season. Most of those places won't have power either so it's really not an option.

Before the hurricane season I always think I should buy a generator and a small AC unit. I just never do, well because I am playing the odds. It's an upkeep and an initial expense. I have heard that if they declare us a disaster zone, we could get reimbursed. Be safe out there.



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