What Was The Point Of Trashing A Bathroom?

Vandalism is without a doubt a very STUPID crime. Destroying property for the sake of destroying property is pointless, meaningless and did I say STUPID? Our friends at Tyler Parks and Recreation are dealing with a vandalism issue and everyone is trying to figure out why someone would do this.

According To A Post To The Tyler Parks & Rec Facebook Page, Vandals Trashed A Bathroom.

Tyler Parks workers showed up on Monday to find the men's bathroom at Southside Park destroyed by vandals. For some reason, they decided to destroy the toilet, urinal and sink and Tyler Parks and Rec believes that vandals did their dirt sometime around Sunday evening.

Due to the damage, the men's bathroom will be closed down at the park as they prepare for repairs. In the meantime, Tyler Parks is asking for the public's help in identifying anyone who may have been in the area and seen what happened.

Tyler Parks & Rec
Tyler Parks & Rec

Judging by the gigantic slab of concrete on the floor, its clear whoever did this used that slab to do all the damage but again we have to ask "WHY?". What was the point? Whoever they maybe, if we find out, we need to make sure that the culprit participates in this upcoming event:

The Great Tyler Cleanup Day 2023

Tyler Parks & Rec.
Tyler Parks & Rec.

Keep Tyler Beautiful is looking for volunteers to take part in the annual Great Tyler Cleanup on Saturday, April 1. Participants can select their own areas such as parks, streets or campuses, and conduct a litter pickup by registering online. Registered volunteers will be supplied with trash bags, gloves, event T-shirts and other cleanup supplies.

For more information, contact Keep Tyler Beautiful coordinator, Erin Garner, at KTyB@TylerTexas.com or call us at (903) 531-1335.

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