School many lives lost, so many tears shed. A professional photographer in the Cincinnati/Dayton, Ohio, area took a brave stance and gave students a place to speak, and it has set social media aflame.

Paint the Sky Photography recently posted the pictures, saying in part:

Each and every day, an ENTIRE GENERATION is wrought with anxiety as they walk into an unsure environment. My own child walks into a potential war zone every day. She says she never knows if the next set of footsteps coming down the hallway is coming to kill her or her friends. She has known the feeling of panic as she checked in on friends in a neighboring school district when their school came under fire. These kids haven't started their lives yet, and too many have been already been cut short.

The photographer states this is not political, nor a gun debate. It is simply a way to let those centrally affected to speak out.

"These are their voices, not mine. I'm just giving them a place to speak." the post states. "Listen."

When I saw this on my Facebook feed, I started to cry because these photos moved me. Kids these ages should not have to deal with these types of thoughts! I didn't have to deal with this growing up. My children were barely in grade school when Columbine happened. Now it seems a shooting is a daily occurrence. Why? I don't know the answer, but do feel the conversation needs to continue.

What are your thoughts about this project?

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