After 60 years of being known for serving pancakes, the International House of Pancakes (a.k.a IHOP) is flipping its branding, as they are replacing the ‘P’ (for pancakes) to the letter ‘B.’

Fortune reported the food chain teaser on June 4 via Twitter, and the internet is abuzz with probabilities of what the ‘B’ stands for. IHOP even got into the name game, throwing out a few suggestions:

The first thing I could come up with is either ‘Breakfast’ or ‘Biscuits.’

Per USA Today, IHOP’s executive director of communications, Stephanie Peterson, reflected that this change deals with improving food quality.

We’re serious about the quality of food and our menu, and this name change really reflects that.

Nevertheless, this mystery is causing great suspense, so mark your calendar for June 11 for the reveal of IHOB!

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