There's a new Indiana Jones movie out right now, and here is a fun fact you may not know about the original trilogy.

Indiana Jones Filming Locations?

The Indiana Jones movies are about an archeologist that travels across the globe finding mysterious artifacts. Raiders of the Lost Ark was primary filmed in Hawaii and Tunisia. Temple of Doom in Sri Lanka. The Last Crusade in Italy and Petra. That last one is what we want to focus on today, Petra in Jordan.

The famous ending to The Last Crusade has Indiana Jones searching for The Holy Grail and the exterior shots of the entrance to where the grail is located is Petra. The country of Jordan said before Indiana Jones,thousands of tourists would visit., After the movie, they average one million people annually. However the literal end scene of the Last Crusade is not shot in Petra, but Amarillo, Texas if you can believe it.

Not Petra, This is Actually Amarillo, Texas

At the 1:15 mark in the video where the crew is riding into the sunset. That is actually Amarillo, Texas at the Figure 3 Ranch. The old "Riding into the Sunset" trope had been done for years in westerns and Steven Spielberg says he intentionally did this to say this would be it for Indiana Jones...until 2008 when he directed Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

I have not seen the latest Indiana Jones movie, but when it comes to the original trilogy. The final scene in Indiana Jones history, was shot right here in Texas.

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