If you've ever had any questions about paranormal activity or want to experience a professional ghost hunt first-hand, there's no better city in Texas to visit than Jefferson.

And on November 4, 2017 a slew of investigators, authors and history buffs will be present at the History Haunts and Legends Paranormal Conference to answer your questions as well as partake in multiple paranormal investigations at about 10 different locations. Since it's located in Jefferson, Texas - known for being one of the most haunted, if not THE most most city in the state of Texas, you can fully expect to get creeped out whether you believe in this sort of thing or not.

Dawn - of Wood County Watchers - who has let us tag along on a few investigations in Mineola and Tyler told us that this is the conference that got her deeply involved in paranormal investigations.

The event is held twice a year and hosted by Jefferson Ghost Walk and best of all, this conference by day and ghost hunt by night is open to the public. No experience necessary! According to their website, you can buy tickets now and you should do it fast! Here are the cost of tickets, which you can purchase on their website:

  • VIP for day and night: $75.00
  • Night only: $50.00
  • Day only: $35.00

The events begins at 9 am on November 4 and begins at the Jefferson Tourism and Visitor Center, located at 305 E. Austin St. Happy hunting!

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