When you start talking about smart phones and which one is the best, the conversation can get pretty heated as it does here within our office. Several people in the office have an iPhone 5 and swear by it that it's the greatest thing ever and then there are those that have the android based Samsung Galaxy S3 and to them it's the best. You have your opinion on which operating platform is better, but the real question is, how do they hold up in a blender test?

Blendtec Blenders wanted to see how these phones hold up to their blenders, guess which one wins? My vote is for the blender! So while many people are still patiently waiting for their new iPhone 5 to arrive, Blendtec Blenders is about to destroy one! Sorry for those Apple fans that keep their eye on the mailbox or for FedEx or UPS boxes to arrive. - an iPhone 5 is about to be destroyed.

Check out the footage from the test and watch which one lasts a bit longer in the blender test.