While Congress continues to argue over "stimulus" money and with the recent winter storm impacting Texas, we pretty much forgot that we're in the middle of the all important Tax season but at least you won't have to panic over the deadline in April.

We have enough to deal with in Texas as we slowly get back into the swing of things but the IRS announced some assistance for Texans by giving them more time to file their taxes.

According to CBS DFW, The IRS announced Monday that it is giving all Texas residents and businesses an additional two months to file their federal income taxes. This means Texans now have until June 15 to file their returns and pay what they owe.

The automatic extension applies to a variety of tax filing and payment deadlines that originally fell between February 11 and April 15. For example, it will cover individual tax returns normally due on April 15 as well as quarterly estimated income tax payments due the same day, plus certain 2020 business returns that were due on March 15. It also covers quarterly payroll and excise tax returns normally due on April 30.

Even if you miss the April 15th deadline, you won't have to file for an extension this year if you're a Texas resident because its considered "automatic" for Texas residents. So you can breath a little easier folks and continue to focus on the more important things right now.


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